Clackity, clack, clack…

Two things:

  1. The people in my office routinely frustrate me, so I want to write about it.
  2. I often have to refer back to Google to recall solutions to IT issues. I figure if I write them down in one place, I can more easily reference them, and maybe in the future, others may too. Who knows?

So, those things being said:

  1. No, Paul, it isn’t normal for an email to take 9 minutes to send. I told you I was working on it, so STFU.
  2. Remember to take a look at the free space on the drive where Exchange and the Exchange databases reside if people start noticing outbox/sending/receiving issues. It’s probably below 300MB free space. Delete INETPUB logs for now and consider adding a new database on a different partition and migrating some mailboxes to it.