Dirty Sales Reps

One of our sales reps….wait, let me just say first, that the bastard texted me at 10 last night (Sunday) asking me to call him this morning to help him setup RDP. Like, emailing me this morning or calling himself wouldn’t be sufficient.

Anyway, this morning I forwarded him the document I sent out a few weeks ago instructing RDP users how to configure it. Turns out that 1. He doesn’t have his phone setup for email, which is great when you’re a sales rep and 2. He still hasn’t figured out OWA, so he never got the email.

Long story short, after literally telling him every letter and number to type in, he still got it all wrong, which didn’t matter anyway, because it turns out his fucking IP was blocked on the firewall because his other PC that apparently took a dive yesterday was port scanning the shit out of my WatchGuard.


So, I learned this: After finding their public IP (I had to login to his dumb Xfinity router), go to the Traffic Monitor and type the IP into the search field.

That’ll show you what’s going on. In this case, RDP wouldn’t connect, OWA wouldn’t connect and I couldn’t ping anything. The results should tell you “blocked sites”. Interestingly, if you actually look at the Blocked Sites under Firewall, you can’t fix it. You need to go to System Status>Blocked Sites, find the IP, highlight and delete. Which makes no sense to me, but whatever.


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