Another Lesson Learned

The last few weeks have been a total shitstorm of knowledge.

Got an early AM call from a remote user unable to login to RDP. Came in and rebooted the TS, because it’d been awhile and it’s not terribly unusual to have login issues. That didn’t help. Shortly after, had a local user come in who couldn’t login – similar behavior, stuck at “Welcome”, yada yada, so thought maybe it was a DC issue. Bounced my DC, and shit all started going totally haywire.

Anyway, longish story short, after things slowly started coming around, noticed that the ONE thing still really fucked was access to network shares residing on my Buffalo Terastation, while shares on the file server were fine. Honestly, the NAS was in my head the whole time, but didn’t consider it quite enough. Powered it off and boom, everything was working properly and all the logins on the TS and locally processed immediately.

Not sure of the root yet, but I noticed that the jackholes prior to me didn’t configure it with static IP info – they simply reserved the IP in DHCP, so I think that may have been it. Why it never happened before? Who the fuck knows.

So, the lesson is, listen to your instinct…or at least calm down long enough to process it to see if it makes any sense.


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