Doesn’t Anybody Fucking KNOCK Anymore?

The construction manager was apparently not raised with manners, and routinely opens my office door Kramer style.


Also, when you’re making changes to HP switches, remember to click the damn “Save” button in the top right corner. It’s not exactly prominent, and will drive you nuts if you’re wondering why your VLAN settings aren’t taking.


Clackity, clack, clack…

Two things:

  1. The people in my office routinely frustrate me, so I want to write about it.
  2. I often have to refer back to Google to recall solutions to IT issues. I figure if I write them down in one place, I can more easily reference them, and maybe in the future, others may too. Who knows?

So, those things being said:

  1. No, Paul, it isn’t normal for an email to take 9 minutes to send. I told you I was working on it, so STFU.
  2. Remember to take a look at the free space on the drive where Exchange and the Exchange databases reside if people start noticing outbox/sending/receiving issues. It’s probably below 300MB free space. Delete INETPUB logs for now and consider adding a new database on a different partition and migrating some mailboxes to it.